have a nice local time in ome

"OME TIME" is a project to share the gift of quality time in Ome through experiences that only locals know: "Nature, Food, Time"
This project offers a new way of spending time and rediscovering the city through the Book Cafe. Nestled in a traditional Japanese wooden house, the Book Cafe offers moments of tranquility during a busy day and night. You will also find an information center to assist you in your journeys in Ome, as well as the Life Ome, Inc. office.


  • Cafe

    A relaxation times for you

    During the day, you can relax at the Book cafe, which also offers tourist information in multiple languages. The cafe offers light meals during operation hours and will showcase books about the local history and culture. As a community space, locals will host events to enjoy books, sake, wine, and organize workshops. The cafe will operate as an open community space for both tourists and locals.

  • Stay

    A time only for you

    In our space you can enjoy an authentic traditional Japanese home experience. Relax in a traditional room surrounded by a beautiful inner courtyard, hidden away from outside view. Or you could stay on the second floor and enjoy the courtyard from above. We also offer a room with a special unique charm. At night you will find yourself at ease in the warm and soft atmosphere of our traditional lighting. There are many restaurants around the cafe to enjoy. You can find them from our special maps.



Recommended Tours

Other fun activities

  • Enjoy BBQ
    along the Tamagawa beach.
  • Visit a Sake brewery,
    and try a flight of sake.
  • Join a practice tour
    for trail running.
  • Seasonal
    Organic farming experience.


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